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6Angle Management

Hive Power Engineering (HPE) has resources, partnerships and talented staff with extensive experience in various aspects of Electrical Engineering and Power Systems. Our core engineering services consist of substation design, protection and control, relay settings, office-level studies and estimates, power system studies and research.


Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures are followed in the background by HPE staff. QA/QC checklists and checked drawings are recorded (with associated ftp link) with each submission, available to client years from the project completion.


Schedule is recorded as proposed in the proposal. Any deviation from the original schedule is recorded clearly showing the original schedule, revised schedule and the reason for the change. Notification emails are sent to client project engineer and supervisor along with the reason for the delay e.g. delay in getting drawings checked out from the client.


Initial budget is recorded as agreed in proposal. Labor completion vs budget spent is clearly shown graphically to provide easy tracking for the management team. Any deviation over a certain margin raises flags. 6Angle timely notifies management for closer monitoring before the project is jeopardized.


6Angle enables transparency allowing access to supervisors and managers to the history of major events from the start of the project. Meeting minutes, information requests, action items and responsible party, changes, submission dates, reviews and comments are all recorded in one location.


Standards, go-bys, design directions and communication back and forth on clarification questions are all recorded on the outset of the project and recorded. This establishes the design basis of the project preventing unnecessary changes and associated cost, frustration, and delay.


Forms that need to be filled out are all recorded with site visit dates. Any special considerations for specific sites are entered by the client.