Hive Power Engineering LLC (HIVE) provides engineering design and consulting services primarily in Transmission and Distribution sector. With a staff of licensed engineers , Hive Power offers a proven record of quality services to support our clients’ short and long term goals. Our small size enables us to be quick in decision making process to promptly tend to our clients’ urgent needs with innovative and efficient solutions, impressing our clients every time.


We continuously strive to be the most innovative and efficient goal oriented consulting firm, timely delivering each project with top quality while having the highest employee satisfaction.


Hive Power is committed to cultivate innovation to continually improve and customize processes, project management tools, and staff training. Innovative culture is combined with a flexible but challenging work environment where teams and individuals are empowered and rewarded for success. The end result is a top tier talent pool connected to clients through novel project management tools & processes to ensure our end goal is established; that is, the success of our clients.


Flexibility in workplace is the foundation of our culture that supports all of our core values.

Innovation is our key value, sourced by our employees’ creativity, credentials and aspirations.

Quality is a result of our experience, talent, procedures and innovative tools. Simply put, it is a natural result of how HPE operates.

Reward is directly tied to value added to HPE and its clients. It is simply based on performance and contribution, regardless of age, degree or number of years of experience.


HPE has resources, partnerships and talented staff with extensive experience in various aspects of Electrical Engineering and Power Systems. Our core engineering services consist of substation design, protection and control, relay settings, renewables, office-level studies and estimates, power system studies and research.


We pride ourselves in being able to meet our clients’ needs in a short turn around with substation equipment replacement projects with high quality. We are highly efficient in providing complete design packages for major maintenance replacements including but not limited to:

  • Circuit Breaker Replacements (Dead Tank, Live Tank or Switchgear/Draw-out)
  • Relay Replacements (Typically replacement of mechanical relays with digital relays i.e. SEL, GE…)
  • Line Addition (to a provisioned line position)
  • Switch Replacements (MOBAB, MOD)
  • Transformer Replacements
  • Reactor, Capacitor Replacements
  • Station Transformer, CCVT, PT Replacements

We believe that many changes, mistakes, and delays can be avoided if the right steps are taken in the beginning of a large project, even prior to the kickoff meeting. We pay special attention to determining the standards, latest practices and preferences prior to starting the design. We ask questions and provide our feedback early on to prevent future changes. Providing options on high level concepts and conducting frequent review meetings early on enable us to nail down the design decisions, and this becomes our design basis that is rigorously discussed and agreed upon with the client. We then provide concise and regular status updates as we make progress to make sure we are on the right track. In addition, we have capabilities to use state of the art automation tools to quickly produce complete design packages for green field projects


We have expertise in providing relay settings for variety of power system equipment such as

Differential protection, communication aided protection (POTT, DCB) e.g. SEL-411L, SEL-421
SEL-487B, SEL-587Z, SEL-487E
Setting changes due to system upgrades such as line upgrade or CT change. Some examples are: CO-7, IRD-9, KD-4, ABB-50D, SEL-121B


Some of the power system study capabilities we can provide are listed below:

Our leadership team has a decade of experience in modeling transient simulations primarily in EMTP RV, OpenDSS, Matlab-Simulink or ATP. Transformer modeling plays a crucial role in power system simulations, especially for inrush and fault studies. We are especially experienced modeling large networks in netlists and able to reproduce netlist in graphical form with composite networks which tremendously help analyze and visualize very large networks.
With great focus on renewable energy, DG studies is one of the key area of study. We have experience in performing penetration studies to find the maximum amount of safe DG integration, DG placement studies to determine the optimal placement and sizing of DGs. Our network model can accept solar input and wind data to accurately predict the effect of solar panels and wind generators on the network.
We use fault studies in conjunction with relay settings work we perform. In addition to various other innovative tools we continuously develop, we are also currently in the works of developing add-ons for ASPEN and CAPE, automating the tedious process of calculating settings. With a click of a button, we perform the fault study with multiple contingency scenarios to determine the fault levels used to calculate the settings (or checking when providing QA/QC). These results are then imported into calculation sheets to automatically calculate the set points. This whole process enable us to run all possible scenarios ensuring the proper settings are applied.
We have the expertise to utilize both SKM and ETAP for arc flash studies. We use these tools not only to determine the energy levels but also to provide solutions to bring down the energy levels to acceptable levels so that the operation and maintenance around the equipment doesn’t require extraordinary safety measures.
We have capabilities to perform both brown field and green field grounding design in air insulated substations as well as gas insulated substations. We provide optimum solutions that results in acceptable safety levels while using only sufficient amount of material taking into account the split factors.


We have capabilities to quickly produce viable options to most challenging major upgrades or green field substations. Most typically, one-lines and key plans are generated and iterated multiple times along with a list of major equipment to be able to discuss constructability, safe operation, and ease maintenance of the station. Once a design is agreed upon, a detailed report is produced including final drawings, detailed cost estimate, lead times of major equipment, schedule from RFP development to last outage, and phasing of the equipment to be put in service with required outages (multiple drawings with each). We can customize the process and the content of the report depending on each clients’ needs and expectations.


Our staff has extensive research experience via their academic background in Power Systems. Please see “Publications” to see some of the IEEE papers we have been working on.

Our Projects

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Hive Power Engineering is a team oriented work place where individuals work in “hives”. You, as the member of your team (HIVE), are supported to enhance your knowledge base, improve your skills as well as your career and get rewarded in line with the value created for your team, company and our clients’ success.

We are currently looking for drafters, designers and engineers as part time or full time. We also offer internship opportunities for the right candidates. If you would like to hear more about us and current opportunities, please submit your resume and tell us briefly about yourself and the type of position you are looking for. You can submit your credentials for future openings through the following email:

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2016 –Hive Power Engineering LLC is founded to provide transmission, distribution and energy design services primarily for power utilities and developers.

We have extensive experience with power system modeling for load flow, short circuit, arc flash as well as transient simulations. In addition, our experience and insight with transformers have enabled us to make number of innovations already. Below are some of the papers that have been published as well as the ones currently being worked on. Whether you are looking for more information, a joint effort research, or looking for experts to address your real world problems, feel free to reach out to us to see how we can assist you with your project.


  • B. Kovan and F. de Leon, “Mitigation of Geomagnetically Induced Currents by Neutral Switching,” IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 30, No. 4, August 2015, pp. 1999-2006.

Currently working on…
  • “Robust Transformer Design Impervious to Half-Cycle Saturation from GIC,” IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
  • “Protection Circuit for High Voltage Transformer Neutral Devices,” IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery


Currently working on…

  • “Novel Harmonic Mitigating Transformer to Improve Power Quality and Efficiency”


  • B. Kovan, F. de Leon, D. Czarkowski, Z. Zabar, and L. Birenbaum, “Mitigation of Inrush Currents in Network Transformers by Reducing the Residual Flux with an Ultra-Low-Frequency Power Source”,
  • S. Jazebi, R. Dogan, B. Kovan, and F. de Leon, “Reduction of Inrush Currents in Toroidal Transformers by Sector Winding Design”, accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics.
  • (Follow up paper of the above for three phase) F. de Leon, S. Jazebi, A. Farazmand, D. Deswal, and R. Levi, “Elimination of Residual Flux in Transformers by the Application of an Alternating Polarity DC Voltage Source”, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 30, No. 4, August 2015, pp. 1727-1734.

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